Finances - Things To Know

Your Credit

 Three tips to get the best loans.

1. Understand what works best.
2. Work with the right person.
3. Planning success

Down Payment Options

Don't believe all the advertisements.

Every transaction is tailor made.

With the right professional, you'll get what fits your goals and needs.

What Can You Afford

Today's financial markets provide more safe options for affordability.

Our preferred lenders have the track record, you may depend.

The Current Market

2020 though 2022 continues to be a low inventory market.

With that being said, those who purchased received a 20% increase in the value of their homestead.

The Economic pundits have forecast the Texas market may last as long as 5 years. Not necessarily 20% increases every year, rather a 3% to 4% average increase as a whole.

Interest Rates

Don't panic. Interest change daily.

Your preferred lender knows the financial markets and keep you updated and provide winning solutions.

Renovation Costs

Whatever you do... Do your homework.

There are many things that add value... Do these.

There are many things that detract.. Don't do these.